New Year, an Invitation to Beauty

It’s about a week into 2015, and I wonder where the time goes. Much of my life is spent going-going-going, but I believe the words I need this year are: listen, quiet and wait.
I recently read author Ann Voskamp’s beautiful blog and it struck a chord with me, as she often does in her word paintings. I want to invite you to read her words, and to take to heart this invitation: stop and be where you are, feel the time, breathe it in.
Today, I have the opportunity to sub at my High School alma mater. It’s a strange experience- even 14 years later, many teachers are the same, the building looks the same, the bell sounds the same, the schedule is the same. And another strange familiarity: the awkwardness of teenage/preteen life. I see these students, whom I mostly assume are fully unaware of their own beauty and worth, and I remember. I remember the struggle to find my place, to be myself, to believe that I am enough. I remember this from my teenage years and I remember it from myself this morning.
My call to you is this: start believing you were created to bring an irreplaceable non-replicable beauty to our world.
You are loved and you are enough.



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